Beach ecology activity at Shoreline in Bude, Cornwall

Beach Ecology & Geology

Bude's rocky shoreline is the perfect place to both explore its flora and fauna as well as investigate the origins and forces that have shaped this carboniferous coastline.

As the tide draws out Bude's rocky shore ecology is exposed and ready for investigation. With the aid of our shoreline experts you'll be able to get your hands on some fascinating examples of Sand Hoppers, Shore Crabs and Anemones and learn about the inter-actions of the many species of plants and animals with their ever changing environment. Ever thought why Limpets always return to the same resting place or what savage predator bores holes into the sides of mussel shells? You'll be surprised and astonished at what you learn and with luck you may even come across our very rare Cornish Sea Slug Onchidella Celtica!

Look up from the rock pools and seaweed and you'll marvel at the folded and faulted sedimentary rocks that form the structure of our eroded cliffs. These rocks were first deposited over 270 million years ago and around Bude's shoreline you can find evidence that traces their geological history right up to the present day. Our geologists will explain how the hard and soft deposits came to be laid down in separate layers and how tectonic forces then folded and buckled these layers into the striking patterns of Synclines and Anticlines so visible in todays cliffs. There are some great stories about geological discoveries made right here in Bude and the tale of the fossilised fish (Cornuboniscus Budensis) that solved the puzzle of the age of these rocks.

We run our Beach Ecology and Coastal Geology as separate half day sessions throughout the year being particularly popular as part of our Multi-Activity Programmes. We are always happy to run these sessions for any group of any age with an interest in the subject.

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Range of Locations and Courses

    Bude's Shoreline

  • Half Day session of Beach Ecology

  • Half day session of Coastal sedimentary Geology

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Essential Information

    You don't need any experience or previous knowledge to take part in this activity. Both activities are very hands on and we are experts in finding exciting examples to keep you engaged and interested in the bigger story. We are not university professors in these subjects but have built up our knowledge from visiting academics and local natural history enthusiasts.

    These activities are suitable for younger children from 8 years old up to early teenagers.

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Equipment and clothing

    We'll be walking and scrambling over the rocks of the shoreline so clothing for the days weather and sensible foot ware is recommended - we'd suggest an old pair of trainers, beach shoes, walking boots or wellies avoid flip flops and being bare footed.

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  • School and College groups

  • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups

  • Family parties and groups of friends

  • Interested individuals

  • Birthday party groups

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Session Type

Per Person

Groups - Beach Ecology (min 5) £13.00


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