Open canoeing course at Shoreline in Bude, Cornwall

Open Canoeing

Open Canoeing or Canadian Canoeing allows one or more people to paddle a large open cockpit canoe. The other main distinction between an open canoe and a kayak are the types of paddles used; canoes use single bladed paddles whilst kayaks use a double ended paddle.

Our canoeing courses mainly take place on the historic rural Bude canal which weaves up the Neat Valley for almost two miles. This canal provides the perfect place to teach canoeing techniques in a safe and sheltered environment. We also provide canoeing day trips and adventures on some of our nearby Cornish and Devon estuaries and rivers.

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Range of Locations and Courses

    Bude Canal

  • Half day Canoeing - The Canadian Adventure - map and quiz challenge for groups or family parties

  • Half day and Full day Open Canoe training courses

  • Progressive beginners and intermediate sessions over a number of half daily sessions

  • Parties for all ages

  • BCU 1 star, 2 star and FSRT

  • BCU UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 coach training and assessments

  • Camel Estuary, Fowey Estuary

  • Group day trips

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Essential Information

    Open canoes are easy to paddle when there are two, three or four paddlers in a boat and as such are great activities for having fun and developing teamwork.

    Open canoes are very hard to paddle as a single paddler but developing single paddler skills can be very rewarding. Single canoeing is a very graceful and smooth way of moving through the water and is best done in calm conditions. These skills are part of the BCU one and two star awards and are required by anyone wishing to become a modern day paddlesport coach.

    We can accommodate a wide range of ages across our canoeing activities but we'd recommend the following minimum ages based on the strength and endurance required for each activity :

  • Canal based Canoeing (with up to 4 people per boat) minimum age 8.

  • Canal based Canoeing (single paddler) minimum age 12.

  • Day Trips on local estuaries minimum age 10.

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Equipment and Clothing

    For our canoeing courses we can provide all the equipment and outer layers, all you need to bring along is a change of clothing - suggestions below. We will provide water proof cags and buoyancy aids as well as the boats and paddles.

    Clothing to wear for this activity :

  • Summer conditions - tracksuit bottoms or shorts, T-shirt and an old pair of trainers or wetsuit boots.

  • Winter conditions - tracksuit bottoms, waterproof over trousers, T-shirt, Fleece, wooly hat and an old pair of trainers or wetsuit boots.

  • Alternatives - A full wetsuit can be used for canoeing but it can prove to be too hot and restrictive and may cause rubbing.

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    • School and College groups

    • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups

    • Family parties and groups of friends

    • Interested individuals

    • Birthday party groups

    • Stag and Hen parties

    • Established kayak paddlers who want to develop canoeing skills

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    Session Type

    Per Boat

    Half Day Open Session (maximum 4 people)  

    Per Person

    Half Day Private Coaching - 1 person  
    Half Day Private Coaching - 2 people  
    Half Day Private Coaching - 3 or more people  
    Full Day Private Coaching - 1 person  
    Full Day Private Coaching - 2 people  
    Full Day Private Coaching - 3 or more people  
    Youth Groups - half day - (min 10)  

    Due to the Covid regulations we are now running all of our activities as private sessions and will be able to provide you with a price based on the number of people in your party.


    Open Canoeing Activites

    Open canoeing in Bude, Cornwall

    Shoreline open canoeing in Bude, Cornwall

    Shoreline Extreme Sports open canoeing in Bude, Cornwall

    Group enjoying a open canoeing experience in Bude, Cornwall

    Open Canoeing on the Bude canal in Cornwall

    Open canoeing is fun for all the family in Bude, Cornwall

    Relaxing in the canal after a open canoe session with Shoreline Extreme Sports in Bude, Cornwall

    Swimming in the Canal after a day open canoeing in Bude, Cornwall

    Open Canoeing on the Bude Canal in North Cornwall

    The end of a long day open canoeing in Bude, Cornwall

    Top quality open canoe instruction from Shoreline Extreme Sports

    Shoreline Extreme Sports open canoe sessions for schools and colleges