White water kayaking in Bude Cornwall

White Water Kayaking

Bude is an ideal location for all types of paddlesport. We use the sea, the surf, our canal and local rivers to run a wide variety of courses. Our White Water Kayaking activities take place on the rivers running off the moors of Cornwall and Devon. White Water Kayaking is not for the complete beginner and for anyone with no previous kayaking experience we would recommend building up your skills via sessions on the Bude canal first. A solid foundation of paddling, safety and rescue techniques will make your first white water kayaking experience much less stressful.

Of all the rivers that run off Cornwall and Devon's moors the river Dart is perhaps the best known. The Dart offers an exceptional range of white water obstacles and challenges. We use this river to both introduce paddlers to white water as well as running BCU 3 star training and assessments. Trips to these rivers are effected by water level and weather conditions and are restricted to the closed fishing season running between October and March. Conditions are often cold and before paddlers have perfected their rolling skills capsizes are common.

Every day trip on a white water river is a full adventure with paddlers needing to dress thoughtfully, bring extra clothing and sufficient food and drink for the day. Wetsuits with extra waterproofs are recommended as are drysuits.

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Range of Locations and Courses

    White Water Kayaking

  • The rivers Dart, Tamar and Tavy.

  • White water introductory courses, white water skills courses and day trips.

  • BCU 3 star training and assessment.

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    Essential Information

      If you've never kayaked or canoed before we'd recommend you start with a session or two on the Bude canal where we can provide you with a good foundation of skills. This will allow you to then enjoy the more advanced environments in a safe way. Before your first white water kayaking experience you should have acquired paddling techniques and knowledge equivalent to the BCU 2 star standard.

      We can accommodate a wide range of ages across the many kayaking and canoeing activities but we'd recommend the following minimum ages based on the strength and endurance required for each activity :

    • Canal based kayaking (single boats) minimum age 8.

    • White Water Kayaking minimum age 12.

    • White Water Kayaking is a physically demanding sport and in some conditions minimum aged paddlers will struggle.

      All white water trips involve a high level of commitment once the journey is under way and it is therefore essential that the lead coach has a thorough and honest impression of every paddlers capabilities before the trip commences. The environmental conditions may require such trips to be adjusted or postponed but a mis-match of paddler ability to environmental difficulty can be far more serious.

      Please be honest with our team about your capabilities when making a booking and during an activity as this will effect both the safety and quality of the session.

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      Equipment and Clothing

        White Water Kayaking requires knowledge and experience of capsizing and the effects this has on the body. Dressing appropriately for this activity is essential. Before setting out for a white water paddle you should have a robust system of staying warm through out the day. This may include multiple thermal layers and water proof outer layers, wetsuits and waterproofs or drysuits. Footware is essential as is extra clothing, food and warm drinks.

        Although paddlers often bring all of their own equipment and clothing we do have a full range of white water equipment available as required. This includes kayaks, paddles, spraydecks, buoyancy aids, dry bags, cags and helmets.

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        • Older School and College groups

        • Interested individuals including students on outdoor courses

        • Established paddlers

        • Canoe club paddlers

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          Session Type

          Per Person

          Half Day Private Coaching - 1 person £75.00
          Half Day Private Coaching - 2 people £44.00
          Half Day Private Coaching - 3 or more people £39.00
          Full Day Private Coaching - 1 person £150
          Full Day Private Coaching - 2 people £85.00
          Full Day Private Coaching - 3 or more people £75.00



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