This activity is aimed at large groups. We are happy to build a timetable and programme of activities to meet your needs. If it sounds of interest, don’t be afraid to ask for variations on our main activities or include any of our group activities.

Team Building

Here at Shoreline, we've designed a number of classic problem-solving and team challenges that cater for a wide range of ages and aims. We've been working with groups, students and businesses and running team challenges since 1979. We have made the most of our various local features to build exciting practical challenges that get every member of a group involved in leadership, communication, decision making and implementation skills.

Amongst our activities, we have created a circus of fast-paced challenges perfect for keeping small groups engaged. We have a Bude-based Orienteering challenge using compasses and clues, our booby-trapped Project X, our Canal Canoe Adventure canoe-based challenge and our Multiple Problem-Solving challenge (the MPS). Then in the Dewerstone Woods on south Dartmoor, we run the day-long Dartmoor Challenge which includes river crossings, rock climbing and plenty of practical puzzles to solve.

Our Bude-based challenges can cater for groups numbering from 10 to 36 individuals and are spread around Bude's open spaces, canal and river. These challenges can be run either as stand-alone half-daily or evening sessions or integrated into a multi-activity programme along with various other team challenges and outdoor pursuits. Many elements of these challenges can be replicated in other outdoor spaces and we've particularly designed our circus of team challenges and Project X to be mobile activities.

Our Dartmoor-based problem-solving and team challenge day, The Dartmoor Challenge, involves meeting and then sending your group off into the Dewerstone woods where they will encounter various practical problems to solve as well as some strange but helpful characters! It's a great day with something for every member of the group, just come along dressed for the weather, with a packed lunch and an open mind!

Useful information

Bude Based - half-day or evening sessions

  • The Canadian Adventure - open canoe treasure hunt on the Bude canal.
  • The River Challenge - construct a means of getting objects and people across the river.
  • The Orienteering Challenge - Bude based orienteering using clues and bearings.
  • Project X - groups are divided into separate areas and have to communicate clues and messages in order to de-activate a booby trapped chest.
  • The MPS (multiple problem-solving challenge) - located on Summerleaze Downs using maps, diagrams, ropes and photos.
  • Our problem solving circus - a series of classic problem solving activities including gutter ball, plank river, octopus bucket and many more.

Dartmoor Based - whole-day activity

  • The Dartmoor Challenge - a whole day of linked challenges in the rocky Dewerstone Woods.

Mobile Activities - one-hour to half-a-day sessions

  • Project X - groups are divided into separate areas and have to communicate clues and messages in order to de-activate a booby trapped chest.
  • Our problem-solving circus - a series of classic problem-solving activities including gutter ball, plank river, octopus bucket and many more.

These activities are highly adaptable both in terms of the attributes of the group and the environmental conditions. If you have certain outcomes in mind then please let us know in advance and we can help you to choose the best activity and theme the challenges accordingly.

We can accommodate a wide range of ages across the many activities we provide but we'd recommend the following minimum ages based on the physical and mental challenges of each activity :

  • Bude Based Team Challenges - minimum age 10.
  • Mobile Team Challenges - minimum age 10.
  • Dartmoor Challenge Day - minimum age 12.

Due to the nature of a good team challenge our over-seeing instructors will generally back off from being directly involved, fulfilling the role of facilitator and safety cover. This means that there will be plenty of times when groups are making truly independent decisions. When making a booking have a good discussion with our team and we'll make sure we deliver the best team challenge for your group.

All of these challenges take place in an outdoor environment so you need to come along dressed appropriately with good outdoor clothing and sensible shoes. Best choices for shoes include: Good-fitting trainers, Astro shoes and lightweight hiking boots please don't wear flip-flops, sandals, high heels, wellies or skate shoes.

For the Canadian Adventure and the River Challenge, a full change of clothing is recommended. For the Dartmoor Challenge please bring along a packed lunch.

Additional items to bring along to half-day sessions :

  • Dry / Hot conditions - sunscreen and water bottle.
  • Wet / Cold conditions - waterproofs and warm layers.
  • School and College groups
  • Business groups
  • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups
  • Groups of young adults
  • Charity Challenges

Tell us what you want to do?

With so many activities available, we can help by arranging specific activities for your family or group. Let us know by completing the form and we will come back to you with ideas.
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