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Bude lies at the heart of Cornwall and Devon's adventurous Culm Coast and is just a short drive away from the jagged granite crags of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor.

The Culm Coast, which stretches along the cliffs of North Cornwall and Devon provides an array of amazingly folded and buckled cliffs. With the erosion of the sea, these cliffs have been left with only the hardest rock layers protruding out into the ocean creating steep, narrow headlands and free-standing fins. Climbing these cliffs requires fine movements, good balance and confident footwork. Holds can be small but as the rock faces are hardly ever vertical much of a climber's weight is taken on their legs. The climbing locations along this coast are beautiful and dramatic with levels of difficulty to cater from complete beginners right through to expert climbers.

Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor offer a contrasting style of climbing to that of the coast. With their rugged granite outcrops and tors the climbing here is steep, solid and sharp. Creating good safe locations for those wishing to progress towards independent climbing with many short routes that can be well protected.

Shoreline uses the cliffs at Bude to teach introductory climbing and abseiling half day sessions. We also use our local cliffs to coach those who already have some climbing experience (perhaps some indoor climbing) and run more adventurous guided climbing days for those who want to get the full Culm Coast climbing experience! We teach the full range of climbing and belaying skills including lead climbing techniques for which we tend to travel across to the granite crags of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor where the routes are ideal for learning to place protection and set up belays and anchors.

Useful information

Bude Cliffs

  • Half day Rock Climbing beginner and intermediate sessions
  • Half day Abseiling sessions
  • Rock Climbing or Abseiling parties
  • Rock Climbing skills and techniques courses

The Culm Coast - Bude to Hartland Point

  • Rock Climbing skills and techniques courses
  • Route guiding - on some of the classic Culm routes including the famous Wreckers Slab

Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor

  • Daily rock climbing sessions
  • Lead climber training courses

If you've never rock climbed before we'd recommend you start with a beginners session of rock climbing and / or abseiling here in Bude where we can provide you with a good foundation of skills. This will allow you to then enjoy the more advanced environments in a safe way.

We can accommodate a wide range of ages across the many rock climbing and abseiling activities but we'd recommend the following minimum ages based on the strength and endurance required for each activity :

  • Beginners Rock Climbing and Abseiling minimum age 8.
  • Skills and Technique sessions minimum age 12.
  • Lead Climber training and Route guiding minimum age 14.

Our coaches are always directly overseeing these rock climbing activities but will also be teaching the various movement and rope work skills that may lead you to becoming a more independent climber in the future. When making a booking knowing what you've done before will help us to arrange the best climbing session for you or your group.

For all rock climbing and abseiling courses we provide all the rope work, harnesses and helmets that you'll need. All you'll need is to come along appropriately dressed for the weather with a sensible set of footwear. Best choices for shoes include: Climbing shoes, good-fitting trainers, Astro shoes and lightweight hiking boots please don't wear flip-flops, sandals, wellies or skate shoes.

Items to bring along to half-day sessions :

  • Dry / Hot conditions - sunscreen and water bottle.
  • Wet / Cold conditions - waterproofs and warm layers.

For more advanced courses climbers often bring some of their own equipment, particularly harnesses, helmets and shoes. This is fine but please make sure that your equipment is in good condition and within its working lifetime.

  • School and College groups
  • Scouts, Guides and various youth groups
  • Family parties and groups of friends
  • Interested individuals
  • Birthday party groups
  • Stag and Hen parties
  • Young climbers
  • Established climbers
  • Charity Challenges

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With so many activities available, we can help by arranging specific activities for your family or group. Let us know by completing the form and we will come back to you with ideas.
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